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Julie knew she could spend the rest of her life in prison if she were caught crossing the border with four pounds of methamphetamine duct-taped around her waist. But life had become so overwhelming, so painful, that she no longer cared if she lived or died. So she crossed over the border. And with her arrest as a drug smuggler that day, her years of running from responsibility—and from God—came to an end. Through one miraculous event after another, God transformed Julie from Drug dealer to Hope Dealer. Read her story now as Julie Seals unveils her extraordinary journey of overcoming a 17-year addiction to crystal meth and being transformed by the supernatural power of God.

The Vision

God gave Julie a vision to send cases of her book to every state prison, federal prison, county jail, juvenile facility, and Teen Challenge in the Nation! And then- around the world. This incredible vision can only be accomplished through the generous partnership of churches, organizations, and individuals who believe, like Julie, that God still sets the captive free! There is an end time harvest waiting to read All My Hope: A Prisoner No More.

Julie Seals persevered against all odds through some of the most unbelievable circumstances, trials, and tribulations. All My Hope contains one of the most compelling and encouraging testimonies I’ve ever heard. Every time I hear a piece of her story, it touches me to the core.

—C.J. Orndorff, III
Second Chance TBN Outreach Ministries

Because of Julie’s courage, resilience, and obedience, her life was completely transformed by the power of God and filled with purpose and vision. Her story will inspire you to believe that no matter how far you or your loved one has fallen, the redeeming love of God can restore it all.

—Pastor Nonda Houston
National Director, Assemblies of God Women

I want to shout from the rooftops for everyone to read All My Hope. To write about hope is one thing; to be a hope dealer is entirely another. This is Julie Seals! Her passion, hunger, faith, and love for Jesus is contagious. It’s time for the world to hear her riveting story.

—Reverend Dr. Jamie Morgan, Mentor to Women in Ministry

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